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The Prana Garden.

Grow into a better you.

Our goal is to empower and support individuals to begin a journey into intuitive self healing, by providing in-depth education on a wide range of healing modalities. Through this education, students develop the ability to connect deeply with the body and mind, understanding themselves on a much more subtle level, which increases their ability to preserve and support optimal, holistic health.

We offer education in various formats, to best suit our student's individuals needs and preferences.


For students with specific goals, or students who are just beginning their wellness journey, we recommend one-on-one consultations, which may be done in person or over the phone.

For students who would like to dive deeper into a specific subject matter, or for wellness studio owners looking to enrich their offering, we recommend our small group workshops.

For students who wish to deeply immerse into their studies, or students wishing to begin a career in the preventative healthcare field, we recommend enrolling in a full training. Upon completion of a training, a certificate of completion will be earned, which will allow for registration with a credentialing organization.

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